Introducing Automator and AppleScript 613 Figure 36.7. The Finder plug-in enables you to create your own Finder contextual menus. · Folder Actions --Folder actions are scripts that are activated based on an action that affects a folder. A workflow could be developed to scale and email all images dropped into a folder, for example. You learn more about configuring Folder Actions during the discussion about Apple- Script later in this chapter. · iCal Alarm --When a workflow is added as an iCal alarm, it can be set as the alarm action for any event. Repeating events can trigger a workflow at any interval you specify. Learn more about the iCal application in Chapter 19, "Using iCal." · Image Capture --The Image Capture application, located in the Applications folder, can be used to import photos from a digital camera rather than from iPhoto. Image Capture can run a workflow after an image imports, which could be used to resize, crop, or otherwise package the images downloaded from your digital devices. · Print Workflow --A Print workflow is accessed directly from the PDF menu of the Print window, providing the printing document as the input to the workflow. Learn more about printing settings in Chapter 12, "Printing, Faxing, and Working with Fonts."