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Part: IV Apple's iLife Applications > Adding Titles, Transitions, and Effects i... - Pg. 443

443 Chapter 26. Adding Titles, Transitions, and Effects in iMovie This chapter looks at some enhancements you can make to your movies and clips. Titles are covered first, enabling you to add text portions to your movies (or even write a text-only movie). Then you learn about transitions, which enable you to enhance your iMovies with between-clip features, such as fade in, fade out, cross dissolve, and others. Finally, you can explore visual effects, which can be applied to the clips themselves to change color or add special effects, such as lighting effects, sparkles, or fog. Titles When you're ready to try adding a title to your iMovie, you'll be working in a new area of iMovie: the Titles pane. Until now, you probably spent most of your time simply capturing video and working with clips in the Clips pane, the Monitor, and the Timeline or Clip Viewer. But now you start switching