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Chapter 16. Using Windows with Multimedia > Getting Video for the Movie

Getting Video for the Movie

Although Movie Maker lets you record video while being hooked up to the computer, you have video somewhere you want to work with and you must transfer it to your computer. Maybe it is currently on a videocassette, in your camcorder, or on your digital camera with video clip capabilities. Regardless, you will have to do the following to make the movie (or movies) and their associated clips available for use in Movie Maker:

With your video device securely attached to your PC, copy the files to your hard drive. If your device is perceived as an added disk drive, as with my Sony CyberShot digital camera, then you can use Windows Explorer to move the files. Otherwise, you may need to use the software that came with your video device or the capture adapter or card (in the case of older analog devices). Your mission here is simply to get the content onto your PC's hard drive. For simplicity sake, you may want to put the files in the My Videos folder.

Next, you will need to import the files into Movie Maker. With Movie Maker up and running (click the Start button; then point to All Programs, Accessories, and click Windows Movie Maker), click File, Import from the Menu bar. A Select File to Import dialog box opens. You will immediately notice it looks a lot like any standard Open or Save As dialog box.

Click your way to the file you want to import and then double-click its name when you find it. Movie Maker takes a few moments to scan the file and create clips as needed (see Figure 16.14).

Figure 16.14. MovieMaker creates clips as needed.

The selected file then appears by name in the My Collections window. You can view any clips Movie Maker generated by clicking the file's name. Images representing the resulting clips appear in the right Collections Area pane.



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