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Chapter 46. Upgrading Your Video Card an... > Demonstrating Video Resolution and C...

Demonstrating Video Resolution and Color Depth

To demonstrate video resolution and color depth using your existing video card, follow these steps:

Use the Windows XP System Information utility to determine how much video memory you have installed on your existing video card.

If your current video mode is not VGA (640×480 resolution) and 16 colors (color depth), change to this particular resolution and color depth: Right-click your desktop to open the display shortcut menu, select Properties, and then select Settings to open the Display Properties dialog box (see Figure 46.1). Make the appropriate change to Color Palette and Desktop Area.

Figure 46.1. The Display Properties dialog box in Windows XP.

If your display adapter does not immediately give you the option of changing to VGA, 640×480 resolution, click the Advanced button on the Properties page, select Adapter, select List All Modes, and then select 640×480,16 Colors.

If you have Internet access, start your Web browser and proceed to the following Web page:


Select the second group of pictures and click the first picture to display it full-sized (see Figure 46.2). This picture has fairly vivid colors and good resolution when viewed at something better than 16-color VGA mode.

Figure 46.2. A test picture for comparing various video modes and color depths.

Repeat Step 2, staying in VGA mode (640×480 resolution), but select a better color depth (such as 256 colors or 65,536 colors). Go back and view the test picture again and note the change in appearance. Take a few minutes to try various screen resolutions and color depths to see which combination produces the best results using your video card and monitor.



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