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Chapter 26. Protecting Your Family's Onl... > Enabling and Configuring Content Adv...

Enabling and Configuring Content Advisor

To enable and configure Internet Explorer's Content Advisor, follow these steps:

In Internet Explorer, open the Internet Options dialog box (choose Tools, Internet Options) and then choose the Content tab (see Figure 26.4).

Figure 26.4. Open Internet Options and then choose the Content tab.

Click the Enable button to display the Content Advisor (see Figure 26.5).

Figure 26.5. Click the Enable button to display Content Advisor.

The Rating scale appears, showing the current setting for Language.

Point to the slider control, click and hold, and drag the slider along the scale (see Figure 26.6). As the slider reaches each marker on the scale, a description appears below the scale with the type of language that setting permits. The farther to the right you pull the slider, the more lenient the setting. (Think of 0 as a G rating, 1 as PG, 2 as PG-13, 3 as R, and 4 as X.) After you've found the rating level you want, release the slider.

Figure 26.6. Adjust the slider to adjust the filtering level.

Click on Nudity and choose your rating for that category. Do Sex and Violence, too.

When you have finished choosing ratings, click the General tab and check either (or neither, or both) of the following options (see Figure 26.7).

Figure 26.7. Click the General tab and then select User options.

Users can see sites that have no rating. Check this check box to allow the display of unrated pages. Content Advisor will continue to block rated pages that exceed your settings, but will permit unrated pages regardless of their content.

Depending on whether this is the first time you've accessed Content Advisor and the exact order of steps you follow, you will be asked at some point to choose the supervisor password. Once it's entered, no one can change any Content Advisor settings without entering it.

Supervisor can type a password to allow users to see restricted content. When this check box is checked, a dialog box pops up prompting for the Supervisor password whenever someone tries to open a page that Content Advisor would block. If the password is typed, the page appears. With this useful option, your kids can appeal to you for a temporary censorship waiver for a particular Web site.

Click the Approved Sites tab. Type the address of any Web site you want to be handled in a special way, and then click Always (to make this site always accessible, regardless of any other Content Advisor settings) or Never (to make this site inaccessible). Continue typing addresses and clicking Always or Never until the list shows all the sites for which you want special handling (see Figure 26.8). The approved sites show up with a green check mark next to them, while the disapproved sites have a red minus sign.

Figure 26.8. At the Approved Sites tab, enter lists of approved and disapproved Web sites.

Click OK on any tab, and then click OK on the Internet Options dialog box. Your settings are now in effect, and they will stay in effect until you change them or click the Disable button on the Content tab. (The Supervisor password is required for disabling Content Advisor or changing the settings.)



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