Monitoring Computer Performance 430 Figure 34.10. Ontrack offers a variety of hard disk services. Remember, one of the best ways to avoid hard disk drive disaster is to perform regular backups. Note Not all problems are hardware related. There are viruses that can destroy your files and/or operating system and make it appear as though the hardware has developed a problem. Make sure that you are running a good anti-virus program in addition to periodically checking your hardware. Make sure that you also update the virus definition files regularly. As you become more familiar with using diagnostic tools, you will also learn which problems require corrective action and which don't. Most of the programs mentioned in this chapter also usually ex- plain these so-called "gray areas." This is to prevent you from needlessly spending time and money trying to correct a problem that is actually within the tolerances of normal operating parameters. If you are not in the habit of reading manuals, you should develop this habit when it comes to diagnostic utilities. Summary In this chapter, you learned about a few programs you can use to help you assess the performance gains in your PC when you upgrade one or more components. You also learned about diagnostics tools you can use to help identify problems when they develop and a few diagnostic programs you can use to help spot small problems before they become more serious.