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Chapter 1. Beyond the On Switch… > Learning All the Moves

Learning All the Moves

Perform the following steps to start getting acquainted with your pointing device of choice:

If you've not already done so, turn on your computer.

After you see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 1.1, jiggle your mouse around to help you find the pointer. You're looking for a small, white arrow.

When the arrow is in sight, try to drag it in the direction of the Start button.

With the arrow resting over the top of the Start button, press the left mouse button. You'll see a Start menu similar to the one shown in Figure 1.6.

Figure 1.6. The Start menu is the first step in locating what has been installed on your computer.

Hover the mouse pointer over the green More Programs arrow. An expanded Programs menu pops out. A black arrow to the right of a word means another menu will appear if that option is selected.

From the resulting menu, point to Games and then click Solitaire. The window shown in Figure 1.7 appears.

Figure 1.7. Solitaire is a fun way to learn how to control your mouse.

That's right, a game actually helps you master mouse-eye coordination! Look at the cards that are face up and see if there are any valid moves.

Not sure what you're doing? For those of you who aren't familiar with the rules of Solitaire, here's an oversimplification. The object is to get all the aces up top and build them up, one-by-one, according to suit. You reveal additional cards by arranging them in descending order, alternating red and black suits as you go. Don't knock yourself out trying to become a Solitaire pro; the point here is to get comfortable using Windows. Be warned that Solitaire can be very addicting; it may be hard to stop playing once you start!

If there are any aces at the front of any of the lines of cards, simply double-click them (press the left mouse button twice in rapid succession), and they will automatically move up to one of the four slots at the top of the screen.

To move a card from one row to another, click on it and, with the button still pressed, drag the card to the desired location and release the button to drop it. This maneuver is referred to as drag-and-drop.

After you make all possible moves, click the pile of cards on the upper left to draw a card and place it like you did the others. If it doesn't fit anywhere, draw again.

Keep playing until you've made all possible moves and have run out of cards in the draw pile.

Hooked and want to play again? Click the word “Game” at the left end of the gray bar at the top of the Solitaire window to reveal a menu. Choose Deal to play another round, or Exit to end the game and close the window.



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