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Chapter 1. Beyond the On Switch… > Looking at Windows XP

Looking at Windows XP

If your computer runs Windows XP, here is a small sampling of how your operating system differs from others (we'll dive into the details of some of these features in the chapters that follow):

  • Easy PC sharing— If you like your icons big, and your spouse likes them small, you're both in luck! Windows XP lets you save your personal preferences into separate accounts that you can now move to and from with ease.

  • New Task-Focused design— Rather than presenting users with an often esoteric assortment of words and phrases from which to choose an option, Windows now “asks” you what you'd like to do based on your current activity on the machine. For example, opening the My Documents folder from the Start menu will present you with the following possibilities: Make a new folder, and Publish this folder to the Web. It may not sound like much now, but compared with the old maze of menus, it is truly a big deal.

  • See Your Photo Data— When browsing your folders full of documents, Windows XP can show you a thumbnail picture of the selected document. That way you can verify you have the material you want before you launch the necessary program and open the wrong file.

  • Photo-friendly— Connecting a digital camera to your PC is easier than ever with Windows XP, and once the photos are on your hard drive, you can effortlessly create a slide show, print them, publish them to the Web, email them to a friend, or even order professional quality prints from one of Microsoft's Internet partners.

  • A Gamer's delight— With XP's new Compatibility Mode, running older computer games is a snap. No more fretting over whether your favorite game will run on the new operating system.

  • Get remote assistance— For those who don't have an in-house computer expert: It's called Remote Assistance. That's right, you can now email your favorite computer nerd an invitation to come and fix your computer. That person can take control of your machine from another location entirely (with your permission of course)!

  • Make movies like a pro— If you've ever fantasized about being the next pop star, then you're in for a treat. Microsoft has spruced up Windows movie-making tools to bring you a simple moviemaker. It's easier than ever to send videos via email, publish them to the Web, make music videos, and add special effects and voiceovers to your movies.



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