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Hour 9. Setting Up Mac OS X Networking > Creating an Internet Connection - Pg. 116

116 Chapter 9. Setting Up Mac OS X Networking Mac OS X is extremely easy to configure for dial-in, ethernet, AirPort, cable modem, and DSL serv- ice. If you have a connection to the Internet, this hour helps you set up your Mac to access it. Specifically, in this hour, you learn · What tools exist for setting up your network · Where to configure your connection settings · How to manage multiple locations with different settings Creating an Internet Connection The first step in connecting to any network (including the Internet) is determining what, exactly, is being connected. Mac OS X supports a number of technologies out of the box, such as standard wired (ethernet) networks, wireless AirPort networks, and, of course, broadband and dial-in ISPs. For each different type of network, you must collect connection information before continuing. Your