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Part VI: Appendices > Installing Mac OS X

Installing Mac OS X

Installing Mac OS X is much like installing Mac OS 9—installation wizards do most of the work. Follow these steps to start installing Mac OS X:

If you’re running Mac OS 9 and have inserted the Mac OS X CD-ROM, double-click the Install Mac OS X icon. Your computer will display a welcome message, restart after a few moments, and begin to boot from the CD-ROM. If you’re starting the installation from a power-off state, make sure that the CD-ROM is in your drive, and start the computer while holding down the C key.

While the installer boots, you’ll see a Mac OS X loading screen. It’s normal for this screen to stay visible for a few minutes. The installation procedure begins immediately after the operating system is loaded.

The next several screens are similar to those in the Mac OS 9 installation. You’re asked to choose the language in which you’d like the entire operating system to be displayed. You must click Accept for the licensing agreement.

Next, you must choose the drive that will contain Mac OS X. Click the icon of the drive that corresponds to the volume you’ve prepared for Mac OS X. A circle and arrow form over the selected drive. Click Continue to move on to the final step.

Click the Install button to copy all the standard Mac OS X components to your computer. If this is the first time you’ve used Mac OS X, this is the best course of action to take. Advanced users might want to click the Customize button to display the individual components that can be added and removed from the system.



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