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Chapter 27. Web Serving > Rebuilding and Securing Apache - Pg. 890

Web Serving ServerName DocumentRoot /Users/jray/yourcompany ServerAdmin </VirtualHost> 890 This time, the Listen directive is used to tell Apache to watch for incoming Web connections on both of the available IP addresses. The VirtualHost containers remain the same, except they now use different IP addresses for the two different sites. Virtual hosting provides an important capability to the Mac OS X Web server. Although available with a GUI configuration tool in the Mac OS X Server, the Apache distribution included in Mac OS X is every bit as powerful. It just takes a bit of manual editing to get things done! Rebuilding and Securing Apache Many of today's hot Web sites include e-commerce or other private areas that require secure com- munications. Unfortunately, although Mac OS X does ship with SSL support built into Apache, it is neither enabled nor easily configured. In addition, the version of Apache shipped with Mac OS X lags behind the current release by several version numbers. Don't worry, this isn't cause for great alarm, but it does make things tricky for system administrators who want to stay current with the supplied BSD software. There are two goals to rebuilding and securing Apache. The first is to, obviously, rebuild Apache with the latest source code from []. The second, and intimately related, goal is to configure Apache for SSL communications during the rebuild process. If you have no need for secure Web services, just skip this section. What Is SSL?