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showmount Shows remote NFS mounts on host.
showmount [-ade3] [<host>]  
-a Lists all mount points in the form <host>:<dirpath>. -
d Lists directory paths of mount points instead of host.
-e Shows the export list of <host>.
-3 Uses mount protocol version 3, compatible with NFS version 3. shutdown
shutdown Closes down the system at a given time.
shutdown [-] [-fhkrn] <time> [<warning_message>]

shutdown provides an automatic way for the super user to nicely notify users of an impending shutdown.
-f shutdown arranges for file systems to not be checked upon reboot.
-h Halts the system at the specified <time> when shutdown executes halt (8).
-k Kicks everybody off. The -k option does not actually halt the system, but does leave the system multiuser with logins disabled for all users except the super user.
-r Shuts the system down and executes reboot (8) at the specified <time>.
-n Prevents normal sync (2) before stopping.
<time> The time when the system is to be brought down. <time> can be a word, such as now for immediate shutdown, or a future time in one of two formats: <+number> or <yymmddhhmm>, where the year, month, and day may be defaulted to the current system values. The first form brings the system down in <number> minutes and the second at the absolute time specified.
<warning_message> Any other arguments comprise the warning message that is broadcast to users currently logged on the system.
- Reads the warning message from standard input.
Starting at ten hours before shutdown, the system displays the shutdown warning message. Warning messages are displayed at regular intervals, with the messages being displayed more frequently as impending shutdown approaches. Five minutes before shutdown, or immediately, if shutdown is in less than five minutes, logins are disabled by creating an /etc/nologin and copying the warning message there. The file is removed just before shutdown occurs.
At shutdown time, a message is written in the system log, with the time of shutdown, who initiated shutdown, and the reason.



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