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restore Incremental file system restore.
restore -i -b <blocksize> -f <file> -s <filenumber>

(The 4.3BSD option syntax is implemented for backward compatibility, but is not documented.)
restore restores files from backup media created with the dump command.
A full backup of a file system may be restored and subsequent incremental backups layered on top of it. Single files and directory subtrees may be restored from full or partial backups.
-i Interactive. After reading in the directory information from the media, restore invokes an interactive interface that allows you to browse through the dump files directory hierarchy and select individual files to be extracted. See the listing of interactive commands that follows.
-b <blocksize> Specifies the block size, the number of kilobytes per dump record. If the option is not specified, it tries to determine the media block size dynamically.
-f <file> Reads the backup from <file>. <file> may be a special device, such as a tape drive or disk drive, an ordinary file, or - (standard input). If <file> is of the form <host>:<file> or <user>@<host>:<file>, restore reads from the named file on the remote host using rmt (8).
-s <filenumber> Skips to <filenumber> when there are multiple files on the same tape. File numbering starts at 1.
Interactive commands:  
add <file> Adds the specified file or directory to the list of files to be extracted. If the argument is a directory, it and all its descendants are added to the list. Files that are on the extraction list are prepended with a ``*'' when they are listed by ls.
delete <file> Deletes the current file or directory and its descendants from the list of files to be extracted.
extract Extracts all files on the extraction list from the dump.
cd <directory> Changes to the specified directory.
ls <directory> Lists the current or specified directory.
pwd Prints the full pathname of the current working directory.
help Lists the available commands.
quit Ends the session, even if there are files listed for extraction.



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