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printcap Printer capability database.
printcap is a simplified version of the termcap (5) database used to describe line printers. The printcap format is one of the formats understood by niload. Each printcap entry describes a single printer.
The default printer is normally lp, although the environment variable PRINTER may be used to override this. Each spooling utility supports an option, -P<printer> to allow a specific printer destination to be named.
Name Type Default Description
af str NULL Name of accounting file.
br num none If lp is a tty, sets the baud rate (ioctl call).
cf str NULL cifplot data filter.
df str NULL Text data filter (DVI format)
fc num 0 If lp is a tty clear flag bits (sgtty.h).
ff str `\f' String to send for a form feed.
fo bool false Prints a form feed when device is opened.
fs num 0 Like fc, but sets bits.
gf str NULL Graph data filter (plot format).
hl bool false Prints the burst header page last.
ic bool false Driver supports (nonstandard) ioctl to indent printout.
if str NULL Name of text filter that does accounting.
lf str /dev/console Error logging filename.
lo str lock Name of lock file.
lp str /dev/lp Device name to open for output.
ms str NULL List of terminal modes to set or clear.
mx num 1000 Maximum file size (in BUFSIZ blocks), 0=unlimited.
nd str NULL Next directory for list of queues (unimplemented).
nf str NULL ditroff data filter (device-independent troff).
of str NULL Name of output filtering program.
pc num 200 Price per foot or page in hundredths of cents.
pl num 66 Page length in lines.
pw num 132 Page width in characters.
px num 0 Page width in pixels.
py num 0 Page length in pixels.
rf str NULL Filter for printing FORTRAN-style text files.
rg str NULL Restricted group. Only members of group are allowed access.
rm str NULL Machine name for remote printer.
rp str ``lp'' Remote printer name argument.
rs bool false Restricts remote users to those with local accounts.
rw bool false Opens the printer device for reading and writing.
sb bool false Short banner (one line only).
sc bool false Suppresses multiple copies.
sd str /var/spool/lpd Spool directory.
sf bool false Suppresses form feeds.
sh bool false Suppresses printing of burst page header.
st str status Status filename.
tf str NULL troff data filter (cat phototypesetter).
tr str NULL Trailer string to print when queue empties.
vf str NULL Raster image file.
xc num 0 If lp is a tty, clears local mode bits.
xs num 0 Like xc, but sets bits.



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