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automount Automatic NFS mount/unmount daemon.
automount is a daemon that automatically mounts NFS file systems when they are first accessed and later unmounts them when they are idle.
automount creates a virtual file system mounted at one or more places on the client's file and directory hierarchy. Actual NFS mount points within this virtual file system appear as symbolic links. Reading a symbolic link triggers automount to mount the associated remote file system.
To make the trigger symbolic links used by automount distinguishable from normal symbolic links, the sticky bit is set in the mode flags for the link. Programs that would normally traverse symbolic links can test for this bit and avoid triggering the mount. Workspace Manager and ls have been modified in this way.
Each virtual file system created by automount is governed by a corresponding map. One or more maps may be specified on the command line.
A map may be a file or a special map. A file map is a regular file containing a list of entries of the form:
location mount_options server:path

mount_options is a comma-separated list of options from the options known to mount and mount_nfs programs.
In addition to reading files specifying mount maps, automount supports the -fstab map. This causes automount to read the fstab database. All mounts with the net option are mounted within the -fstab map's filesytem using a path of the form:

If the fstab database contains an entry for polaris:/Library/Fonts, and if automount is started as
automount -m /Useful -fstab

the mount appears as /Useful/polaris/Library/Fonts.
-m <directory> <map> Associates the specified <map> with the given <directory>. This directory is created if it does not exist. <map> may be the name of a file, or it may be the name of a special map.
-d Runs automount in debug mode. The program remains attached to the command line and sends debugging information to standard output.
-tm <secs> Sets the timeout for NFS mounts to <secs> seconds. Default is 20 seconds.
-tl <secs> Sets the time-to-live for NFS mounts to <secs> seconds. Default is 3600 seconds.



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