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exports Defines remote mount points for NFS requests.
The exports file specifies remote mount points for NFS mount protocol per the NFS server specification.
In a mount entry, the first field(s) specifies the directory path(s) within a server file system that clients can mount. There are two forms of this specification. The first form is to list all mount points as absolute directory paths separated by whitespace. The second form is to specify the pathname of the root of the file system followed by the -alldirs flag. This form allows hosts to mount at any point within the file system, including regular files if the -r option is used in mountd. The pathnames should not have any symbolic links, or . or .. components.
The second component of a line specifies how the file system is to be exported to the host set. The options specify whether the file system is exported read-only or read-write and how the client UID is mapped to user credentials on the server.
The third component of a line specifies the client host set. The set may be specified with three ways. The first is to list the host names separated by whitespace. Standard Internet dot addresses may be used instead. The second way is to specify a netgroup, as defined in netgroup. The third way is to specify an Internet subnetwork using a network and network mask.
Export options are as follows:
-maproot=user Credential of the specified user is used for remote access by root. The credential includes all groups to which the user is a member on the local machine. The user may be specified by name or number.

Specifies the precise credential to use for remote access by root. The elements of the list may be names or numbers. Note that user: should be used to distinguish a credential containing no groups from a complete credential for the user.

Specifies a mapping for all client UIDs, including root, using the same semantics as -maproot.
-r Synonym for -maproot for backward compatibility with older export file formats.
When neither -maproot nor -mapall is specified, remote accesses by root result in a credential of -2:-2. All other users are mapped to their remote credential. If a -maproot option is given, remote access by root is mapped according to the option instead of -2:-2. If -mapall is given, the credentials of all users, including root, are mapped as specified.
-kerb Specifies that the Kerberos authentication server should be used to authenticate and map client credentials. This option requires that the kernel be built with the NFSKERB option.
-ro Specifies that the file system should be exported read-only.



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