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Hour 22. Picturing Windows XP Graphics > You Can Store Digital Images on CDs

You Can Store Digital Images on CDs

If you have a writeable CD drive, such as a CD-RW drive, you can store images on a CD for others to view from their CD-ROM drives. The following To Do item explains how to do that.

To Do: Storing Digital Images on a CD

  1. Capture all the pictures you want to store on the CD and save them to your disk in the My Pictures folder. Since you can store many pictures on a CD, you might want to wait until you have several to store before you save them. Using a CD for only 10 or 20 pictures seems like a waste when a CD can hold a hundred or more.

  2. Insert a blank, writeable CD into your writeable CD drive.

  3. Open the My Computer window.

  4. Open the My Pictures folder that you want to copy to the CD so all the thumbnail images appear.

  5. If you want to copy every image to the CD, press Ctrl+A to select every image. Otherwise, hold down the Ctrl key while you click over each image that is to appear on the CD.

  6. Select the option labeled Copy the Selected Items. Figure 22.6's Copy Items window opens.

    Figure 22.6. Select the CD drive on which you want to write the digital images.

  7. Select your writeable CD drive and click Copy to close the window.

  8. Select your CD drive again inside your My Computer window. Windows verifies the files you want to copy.

  9. Look in the section labeled Files to Add to the CD. If the files are correct, click the option labeled Write to CD. Windows XP opens a short, CD wizard that walks you through the rest of the process. You can continue working in other windows and Windows XP will inform you, with a pop-up message in your taskbar's notification area, that the CD is complete.



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