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Part II: Morning Windows Desktop Explora... > Improving Your Windows Desktop Exper...

Hour 7. Improving Your Windows Desktop Experience

This hour differs somewhat from the others. Instead of studying a single central aspect of Windows XP, such as Explorer, this hour contains a potpourri of desktop-management tips and procedures that improve the way you use the Windows XP environment. Previous hours studied topics in depth, but this hour offers advice that you can use while working within Windows XP.

You can activate your desktop with the Windows Active Desktop feature. Place Web pages and other files directly on your desktop to customize your Windows wallpaper. Windows XP comes with several screensaver designs, and you can purchase and download additional screensavers. Screensavers not only provide something for your computer to do while it is idle, but they also offer security features.

This hour also offers a collection of tips that help you customize Windows XP to suit your preferences. Walk through this hour, trying the shortcuts and advice, to decide which topics best suit your needs. Now that you've mastered the major Windows XP tools, such as Windows Explorer and the My Computer window, you are ready to streamline the way you use Windows XP.

In this hour, you will

  • Place Web pages on your desktop as wallpaper

  • Use screensavers to personalize your PC

  • Protect your computer with a password

  • Locate the computer's time and date settings



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