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162 Chapter 14. Managing E-mail and Newsgroups with Outlook Express The Internet Explorer portion of Windows XP includes a program called Outlook Express that man- ages both e-mail and newsgroup information. By combining a newsgroup reader with e-mail capa- bilities, you can manage more information easier than before. E-mail plays as bigger role in today's communications than regular mail. E-mail's paperless aspect keeps your desk less cluttered, and e-mail generally arrives at its destination within a few minutes to a few hours. News groups offer a different kind of messaging center for messages you want to communicate publicly on a topic. You can post newsgroup topics, answers, and questions, as well as read responses from others interested in the same subject. In this hour, you will · · · · Discover how Outlook Express enables you to view and send e-mail messages Attach files to e-mail messages you send Post and read newsgroup messages Set up Outlook Express for multiple accounts The E-mail World It is common for computer users to access more than one online service. Perhaps you work on the Internet but have two Internet accounts, one for personal use and one for business. Each morning you might log on to your business Internet account on your laptop to get incoming messages and send your outgoing Internet messages. The burden of managing e-mail grows as more people sign up for more online services. Wouldn't it be nice to tell your computer to send and receive all your e-mail without any intervention on your part? The computer could store all received mail in a central location; you could then man- age, sort, print, respond to, or delete from there. Outlook Express provides the one-stop answer. Caution Don't confuse Outlook Express with Microsoft Outlook that comes with Microsoft Office. Outlook Express is not the same program as Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has more features than Outlook Express but Outlook does not support newsgroups. Managing E-mail with Outlook Express Outlook Express offers benefits for e-mail users. Outlook Express supports several formats within an e-mail message. You can send and receive text data, binary data (compressed data such as programs and graphics), sound files, and video as e-mail. In addition, Outlook Express enables you to store HTML code inside your message so that you can customize the look of your message. A