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Part IV: Late Afternoon Internet Integra... > Surfing the Web with Internet Explor... - Pg. 129

129 Chapter 11. Surfing the Web with Internet Explorer In today's world, the Internet is a much larger part of computer users'lives than ever before. Windows XP includes Internet Explorer, an Internet browser that enables you to access the Internet from within Windows. In designing Windows XP, Microsoft kept the Internet firmly in mind; the browser concept runs throughout Windows and you can access the Internet or your desktop from almost anywhere in Windows. For example, you can access the Internet directly from within the My Com- puter window without first opening Internet Explorer. Although the Internet is available throughout Windows XP, you'll probably access the Internet pri- marily from within Internet Explorer and you'll find the most functionality from within Internet Explorer. This hour introduces the Internet and shows you some of the ways Windows integrates with the Internet. You will learn how to access the Internet with Internet Explorer. In this hour, you will