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Hour 18. Giving Windows XP a Tune-Up > How the Updates Work - Pg. 211

Giving Windows XP a Tune-Up 211 How the Updates Work Where do the updates come from? You got a hint of that from the previous To Do list if you followed along. When you log on to the Internet, Windows XP, in the background, goes to the Microsoft Web site and looks to see if any updates are required for your particular combination of operating system components. If an update is available, Windows XP either downloads the update at that time and signals you with the taskbar's notification area message, or Windows XP tells you that the updates are available and asks if you want to install them. Windows notifies you in one of these two ways depending on how you set up Windows Update, not unlike the way you changed the settings in the previous To Do steps. Updating Windows Yourself If you don't want Windows to do any updating or file-retrieval automatically in preparation for an update, you can request that Windows XP not update itself until you take the action that directs Windows to locate updates that might be needed. If you select the third option of the Automatic Updates dialog box, as you could have done at the end of the previous To Do task list, Windows waits until you select the Start menu's Windows Update option. Until then, Windows will not update your computer or download updates until you request them. Caution If you select the Windows Update option from the Start menu, Windows always goes to the Internet to see if a current update is available, even if an update has been recently down- loaded but has not been installed.