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Part VII: Appendixes > General Differences

General Differences

Although the Professional Edition includes the entire repertoire of Windows XP Home Edition utilities, the Professional Edition includes additional utilities with which you can support a server-based, networked system. To give you an idea of some differences so you can know whether to look deeper into the Professional Edition to see if you need the extra power, here are a few features you can expect in the Professional Edition that you won't find in the Home Edition:

  • Active Directory Enhancements: Windows XP Professional supports the Active Directory concept that enables server-based computers to retrieve uniform and familiar data across several types of systems.

  • Remote installations: Windows XP Professional Edition enables you to install software from a server to all or some computers on your network. The software can install at the time the remote user logs onto the computer.

  • Terminal Services: All of the remote network administrative tools are encapsulated inside the Terminal Services area of Windows XP Professional Edition. These services enable you to manage servers and client computers over a network from a central location. In addition, you can test network operations and remove system resources. Advanced users can use a Telnet interface to manage servers.

  • Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP): Enable you to more easily manage all logon policies of your users, giving specific access to those users who need access.

  • Server-based IIS capacity-planning: Enables Web server users to determine where the online user load impacts your server's Web sites the most.

  • Enterprise backup and Recovery: Enables networked backup programs to take system snapshots at any moment in time to recover system functionality across the network if a problem arises later.

  • Automated System Recovery (ASR): Allows System Administrators to recover application settings if a restoration is required.



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