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The Help Window

When you access Windows Help through the menu, the Windows Help screen appears. The toolbar includes five buttons: Hide, Back, Forward, Options, and Web Help. Table 4.1 describes each of these buttons.

Table 4.1. Windows Help Toolbar Buttons
Button Description
Hide Displays or hides the left pane of the Help window.
 The right pane (or preview pane) is always visible. If you hide the left pane, the icon changes to read "Show." Click Show and the left pane reappears.
Back Displays the previous page. Like a Web browser, the Back button will only work as far back as the first page you viewed when you opened the Windows Help program.
Forward Once you have pressed the Back button, the Forward button will move you ahead through pages you have viewed, in the order you have viewed them.
Options Displays a menu containing the following commands: Hide Tabs, Back, Forward, Home, Stop, Refresh, Internet Options, 2Web Help, Print, and Search Highlight Off as described below…
 Hide Tabs: does the same as the Hide option, turning into show when you hide the left pane.
 Back, Forward, and Stop work the same as the items on the toolbar.
 Home takes you to the opening Window of Help.
 Refresh will refresh the current page, useful when you are using help over the Internet.
 Internet Options displays the Internet Options dialog box as described in Lesson 17, "Using Internet Explorer."
 2WebHelp Takes you to Microsoft Web Help sites.
 Print—Displays the print dialog box from which you can print the selected topic or print the selected heading an all subtopics. For example, you can print the topic Files and Folders and all of its subtopics at one time.
 Search Highlight—On/Off Highlights search words within documents.



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