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Lesson 5. Using Dialog Boxes > What Is a Dialog Box? - Pg. 32

32 Chapter 5. Using Dialog Boxes In this lesson, you learn about dialog boxes and their components. What Is a Dialog Box? Windows and Windows applications use dialog boxes to exchange information with you. As you learned in Lesson 3, "Using Menus," a menu command followed by an ellipsis (...) indicates that a dialog box will appear. A dialog box asks for related information the program needs in order to complete the operation. In this exchange of information, a dialog box might warn you about a problem. You may receive a message such as File already exists, Overwrite? or you might be asked to confirm that an operation should take place as in Are you sure you want to send "Shortcut to Printers" to the Recycle Bin?, or to provide check boxes or text boxes in which you give instructions.