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Lesson 16. Sharing Workstations and Sett... > Creating and Sharing a Printer

Creating and Sharing a Printer

If a printer is connected to your computer, you can share it either during the process of defining (creating) the printer or later, after you have defined it. To share a printer during the process of installing it for first time, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Printers folder, located in the Control Panel or in the menu under Start, Settings, Printers.

  2. Double-click the Add Printer icon. The Welcome panel of the Add Printer Wizard Appears. Click the Next button.

  3. Choose that you are adding a Local Printer.(Choose Network Printer only if you are trying to connect to a network printer or another shared printer.) If you choose local printer, you should also check the box that says Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer. Click Next.

  4. If you did not select Automatically Detect and install (in step 3), you must select the port on your computer to which your printer is connected. If in doubt, select LPT1, as that is the port used by almost all printers these days. If you did select Automatically Detect, Windows attempts to locate the printer and finish the install process.

  5. Accept the name offered by Windows for the new printer definition or enter a name of your own choice, keeping it to 31 characters or fewer. If this is the printer you will usually be printing on, answer Yes to the question whether it should be your default printer. Then click Next to reveal the sharing panel of the Wizard.

  6. Choose Shared. Windows will concoct a share name of no more than eight alphanumeric characters, no spaces. This is so that any DOS-based (non-Windows-based) computers will be able to connect to the shared printer. If no such computers will be connecting to your shared printer, you may enter a longer share name if you like. Also, in the list in the bottom half of the Wizard window, choose the operating systems of all computers that will be printing to your shared printer. If you are not sure which to choose, choose at least Windows 95.

  7. Then choose Next to move to the last panel, which asks if you want to print a test page. Probably you should answer Yes. Then click Finish. If you chose to install a new driver, Windows may prompt you to load the Windows CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive so that it can load the driver. If you chose to print a test page, the test page should be emerging from your printer any second now.



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