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Lesson 16. Sharing Workstations and Sett... > Sharing Folders and Disk Drives on Y...

Sharing Folders and Disk Drives on Your Computer

To share a folder or disk drive on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. In a Windows Explorer window (My Computer, My Network Places, and so on), select the folder or disk drive you want to share.

  2. Right-click the folder/drive to display the pop-up menu; then click Sharing to display the Sharing panel on the <resource name> Properties sheet (where <resource name> is the name of the folder or other resource you are sharing). (See Figure 16.3.)

    Figure 16.3. The Sharing panel of a folder properties dialog box.

  3. Select the Share this Folder option.

  4. You can accept the default share name for the folder or type a new name in the Share name text box. The default share name is the folder name or, if you are sharing a whole disk drive, the drive letter.

  5. Enter a description in the Comment text box, if you wish. The goal here is to make it clear to users what they will gain from connecting to the resource. The comment appears in the Comment column of the Details view of your computer when other users select it in Windows Explorer or My Network Places.

  6. In the User Limit section, you may limit the number of users who can simultaneously connect to your shared resource. By default, up to 10 users can connect at the same time. You may reduce the limit, if you wish, to as few as one user at a time.

  7. If you want to grant full control of the shared folder and its contents to all comers, click OK. You are done sharing the folder. If you want to grant less than full control to some or all users, click Permissions and set permissions as described in "Setting File Permissions," later in this lesson; then, when you are finished setting permissions, click OK to establish the share.



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