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Lesson 20. Using Other Accessories > Using Imaging - Pg. 110

Using Other Accessories 110 Using Imaging With Imaging, you can view your graphic images. You can zoom, rotate, and print the previewed image. You can also view a fax image. To preview an image, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Click Start, and then select Programs | Accessories | Imaging. Click the Open button on the toolbr. Select the image you want to view, and then click Open. The image appears in the Imaging window. Here are some of the more useful toolbar buttons and their purposes (see Figure 20.2): Open Opens an image for previewing. Print Prints the displayed image. Zoom In Zooms in on the displayed image. Zoom Out Zooms out on the displayed image. Best Fit Zooms the image to fit the window. Fit to Width Zooms the image to fit the width of the window. Drag Lets you move the image within the window by dragging. Select Image Lets you select an area of the image. Annotation Selection Selects an annotation for copying, moving, deleting, and so on. Annotation Toolbar Displays/hides the Annotation toolbar. Rotate Left Rotates the image to the left. Rotate Right Rotates the image to the right. One-Page View Displays one page of the document. Thumbnail View Shows multiple pages of the document at once, in small thumbnail-sized windows. Page and Thumbnail View Combines the One-Page and Thumbnail views. Figure 20.2. You can view graphic images with Imaging Preview. Using Phone Dialer With Phone Dialer, you can place phone calls using your computer and its modem. This saves you the trouble of having to look up a number and then dial it. When needed, Phone Dialer can even dial your long-distance access code or calling card number. It also tracks your calls in a convenient log that you can review when needed. To use Phone Dialer, follow these steps: