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Using the Internet Connection Wizard - Pg. 154

154 Appendix B. Configuring for the Internet or an Online Service Before you can begin using the Internet or an online service, you must configure your modem. Then you must configure the software that connects you to the service. Windows 98 comes with most of what you'll need to accomplish these tasks. If you need help configuring your modem, see Appendix A, "Configuring the Modem and Other Hardware Settings." In this appendix, you'll learn how to configure your system to connect to the Internet or to any of the more popular online services. Using the Internet Connection Wizard To help you configure your system for the Internet, Windows has supplied the Internet Connection Wizard. Follow these steps: 1. 2. Double-click the Connect to the Internet icon on the Desktop, or click Start, and then select Programs | Internet Explorer | Connection Wizard. The Welcome screen appears. Select the option you desire and click Next >: I want to sign up and configure my computer for a new Internet account Choose this option if you haven't yet found an Internet service provider. Windows will help you locate a national provider that services your area code. I have an existing Internet account through my phone line or a local area network (LAN). Help me set up my computer to connect to this Internet account Choose this option if you have a local Internet provider you'd like to use. My computer is already set up for the Internet. Do not show this wizard again Select this option only if you've upgraded from a previous version of Windows and you've already set up your Internet connection. Selecting an Internet Service Provider If you selected I want to sign up and configure my computer for a new Internet account in step 3, continue by following these steps: 1. 2. Click Next > to continue. The Wizard connects to Microsoft's Referral Service. A list of national service providers in your area appears. To find out more about a particular provider, click on it. To sign up with that provider, select it from the list and click Next >, and then click Sign Me Up. Enter the necessary information that's needed to sign up with your selected provider, and click Next >. You might see a security alert, warning you that you're about to send information over the Internet. Click OK to continue. 3. 4.