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Chapter 4. What's New and Noteworthy in ... > New Multimedia Bells and Whistles

New Multimedia Bells and Whistles

The new features you've seen so far will certainly appeal to your left brain. However, Windows 98 has no shortage of right brain treats, as well. Here's a quick look at these new and improved multimedia marvels:

Broadcast Architecture and Web TV for Windows: Windows 98 supports the new Broadcast Architecture, which essentially turns your computer into a receiver for television signals. The Broadcast Architecture also supports signals that are enhanced with data, such as Web pages and other information. Windows 98 comes with Web TV for Windows, which enables you to select and view these television signals. I cover Broadcast Architecture and the Web TV for Windows in Chapter 24.

Streaming content support via NetShow: Windows 98 comes with the NetShow player, which enables you to view multimedia content streamed over the Internet or an intranet using the Active Streaming Format (ASF), as shown in Figure 4.5. I discuss content streaming and show you how to use the NetShow player in Chapter 24.

Figure 4.5. No more long downloads. Windows 98 lets you view rich multimedia content streamed to the NetShow player.

DirectX 5: This is the latest set of graphics API functions and is fully supported by Windows 98. New features implemented in DirectX 5 include AGP support, MMX support in both Direct3D and DirectDraw, DirectX applications spread over multiple monitors, and an overall improvement in speed and robustness. See Chapter 24 for the DirectX details.

OpenGL support: Windows 98 understands the OpenGL graphics libraries and even comes with a few OpenGL 3D screen savers.

Kodak Imaging: This is an image viewer that supports a number of graphics formats. It also integrates with Microsoft Fax and supports image scanners via TWAIN32. See Chapter 11 and CD Chapter 3, “Using Microsoft Fax to Send and Receive Faxes.”



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