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Chapter 4. What's New and Noteworthy in ... > The Web Comes to the Desktop

The Web Comes to the Desktop

One of the key design features of Windows 98 is the widespread implementation of the World Wide Web browser interface. So, yes, you still use a browser to navigate Web sites, but you also use browser-like actions to navigate your local disks and to launch applications. This integrated Internet shell brings the following features to the Windows 98 table (all of these features are covered in Chapter 5, “Web Integration and the Active Desktop”):

One-click icon and program launching: With Web integration activated, Windows 98 underlines the names of icons and files so that they resemble Web page links. Launching an icon or file requires only a single click.

No-click icon and file selection: Along similar lines, Web integration also enables you to select an icon or file just by hovering the mouse over the object. You can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple items (again, without clicking).

View folders as Web pages: Each folder on your system can be viewed as though it was a Web page. In fact, each folder can contain a hidden HTML file that displays the contents of the folder in an ActiveX control and leaves you free to tweak the rest of the folder/page using standard HTML tags as well as the new Dynamic HTML techniques implemented in Internet Explorer 4. Figure 4.1 shows the Control Panel folder displayed as a Web page.

Figure 4.1. The Control Panel folder viewed as a Web page.

The Active Desktop: The Windows 98 desktop doesn't have to be the static, blank expanse that it was in Windows 95. Instead, with Windows 98's new Active Desktop concept, the desktop is really a container object that can hold HTML content, Java applets, and ActiveX controls, as well as the new push media supported by Internet Explorer 4. In fact, Windows 98 comes with a special channel bar that plays host to numerous push media that utilize the Channel Definition Format (CDF).



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