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Chapter 20. Using Fonts in Windows 98 > Adding New Fonts to Windows 98

Adding New Fonts to Windows 98

As I mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of TrueType font collections on the market now. If you're feeling cramped by the paltry selection that comes with Windows 98, perhaps one of these packages can provide just the right typeface to give your documents that certain je ne sais quoi. Before you can use your new fonts, however, you need to add them to Windows 98. The following steps show you how it's done:

Display the Fonts folder.

Select File | Install New Font. The Add Fonts dialog box appears.

Insert the disk containing the font files and then select the appropriate disk drive from the Drives list. (If the font files are in a different folder, use the Folders list to select the appropriate location.) Windows reads the font names from the disk and displays them in the List of fonts box, as shown in Figure 20.10.

Figure 20.10. Use the Add Fonts dialog box to select the new fonts you want to add to your system.

Use the List of fonts box to highlight the fonts you want to install. Alternatively, you can install all the fonts on the disk by clicking the Select All button.

Windows 98 normally likes to see the font files copied to the Fonts folder. So, in most cases, you should make sure the Copy fonts to Fonts folder check box is activated. There are three exceptions to this rule:

  • If hard disk space is at a premium and the font files already exist elsewhere on the hard disk. In this case, there isn't much point in creating an extra copy of each file.

  • If you're loading the font files from a network drive.

  • If you're loading the font files from a CD-ROM drive. CD-ROMs can have tens (if not hundreds) of megabytes of fonts, so it's usually impractical to load all this chaff onto your hard disk.

Click OK. Windows 98 installs the fonts. If you elected not to copy the fonts to the Fonts folder, Windows 98 creates shortcuts to the original files instead.



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