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Part VII: Unleashing Windows 98 for the ... > Windows 98 and the Internet

Chapter 32. Windows 98 and the Internet


A man may know the world without leaving his own home.


“Cachet to cliché” is a phrase I use to describe how concepts that were once hip and fashionable suddenly become yesterday's news and the victims of a none-too-subtle backlash. This hasn't happened to the Internet just yet (unless you count the righteous backlash leveled against the “Information Superhighway” metaphors that have been done to death). In fact, by just about any measure—popularity, technological innovation, number of industry millionaires—the Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds.

However, there's no shortage of neo-Luddites and other head-in-the-sand types willing to sound off on the nearest soapbox about what they perceive as the evils of all this technology. Even among industry pundits who should know better, it has become almost fashionable to predict an imminent Internet backlash. The rest of us who use the Internet in our daily lives and wonder how we ever got along without it just nod our heads at all this chin-wagging and get back to being productive.

If you're interested in getting on the Internet, this chapter shows you how to do it in Windows 98. I'll review the Internet-related concepts you've seen in previous chapters, and then I'll show you some alternative methods you can use to get connected. From there, you learn about Internet security and Windows 98's ftp and telnet utilities.


After you get yourself online and have a Web browser up and running, feel free to drop by my Web site and have a look around. Here's the address:




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