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Part VII: Unleashing Windows 98 for the ... > Implementing TCP/IP for Internet and...

Chapter 31. Implementing TCP/IP for Internet and Intranet Connections


There is, however, one Rosetta stone of the computer world that can link a wide variety of mainframe, minicomputer, and PC systems. That common denominator is called TCP/IP.

Frank J. Derfler, Jr.

One of the problems facing network administrators these days is the need to support multiple protocols. If the network includes Windows NT servers and Windows machines, NetBEUI is often the protocol of choice. Throw in some NetWare nodes, and you also need IPX/SPX. If any UNIX boxes are on the network, or if the network has an Internet gateway, TCP/IP must also be supported. Diverse networks might also need to support AppleTalk, Banyan VINES, and who knows what else.

Increasingly, administrators are throwing up their hands and saying, “Enough already!” Instead of putting up with the headache of supporting umpteen protocols, they're simplifying both their networks and their lives by implementing a single protocol on all their network machines. That protocol is TCP/IP, thanks to its near-universal support by networking vendors, its large packet size and speed, its robustness, and its unmatched scalability.

But TCP/IP isn't just for network honchos. The explosion of interest in the Internet has thrust TCP/IP into the spotlight. That's because TCP/IP is the lingua franca of Internet communication, and you can't get online without it. So even if you're using a standalone machine with no network in sight, you need to know how to implement TCP/IP in Windows 98 to take advantage of all the Net has to offer.

This chapter will help you do just that. Whether you work with one machine or one thousand, you find everything you need to know to install and configure TCP/IP in the Windows 98 environment.



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