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Part II: Unleashing Windows 98 Customiza... > Getting to Know the Windows 98 Regis...

Chapter 12. Getting to Know the Windows 98 Registry


It is almost everywhere the case that soon after it is begotten the greater part of human wisdom is laid to rest in repositories.

G.C. Lichtenberg

As you've learned throughout this book, a big part of unleashing Windows 98 involves customizing the interface and the accessories either to suit your personal style or to extract every last ounce of performance from your system. For the most part, these customization options are handled via the following mechanisms:

  • Control Panel

  • The properties sheets for individual objects

  • Program menu commands and dialog boxes

  • Command-line switches

But there is another, even more powerful mechanism you can use to customize Windows 98: the Registry. No, it doesn't have a pretty interface like most of the other customization options, and many aspects of the Registry give new meaning to the word arcane, but it gives you unparalleled access to facets of Windows 98 that would be otherwise out of reach. This chapter introduces you to the Registry and its structure, and it shows you how to make changes to the Registry by wielding the Registry Editor. With all that behind you, you'll be ready to start customizing Windows 98 at will, which is what you'll do in Chapter 13, “A Few Good Hacks: Some Useful Registry Tweaks.”



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