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Part II: Unleashing Windows 98 Customiza... > Web Integration and the Active Deskt...

Chapter 5. Web Integration and the Active Desktop


Form and function are a unity, two sides of one coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created.

Ida P. Rolf

I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that Web integration is the most significant new feature found in the Windows 98 package. Sure, the built-in support for USB, DVD, and other cutting-edge hardware is welcome, and few power users will sniff at the large collection of system tools bundled with Windows 98, and most new users will be happy that so many wizards are on the Windows 98 team. But Web integration is more important than all these innovations for the simple reason that it will affect almost everything you do in Windows 98:

  • As a user, Web integration fundamentally changes how you interact with the operating system.

  • As an administrator or solutions provider, Web integration offers you previously unheard-of levels of customization and control of user's desktops.

This chapter gets you up to speed with this important new technology. I'll begin by showing you how Web integration affects the Windows 98 interface (including how to turn Web integration off if you don't like those interface changes). From there, I'll show you how to take control of Web integration and use its power to customize your system like never before. I'll then turn your attention to the Active Desktop aspect of Web integration. You'll even learn how to create your own channels.



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