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Part IV: Unleashing Day-to-Day Windows 98 > Prescriptions for Perfect Printing

Chapter 21. Prescriptions for Perfect Printing


The moment a man sets his thoughts down on paper, however secretly, he is in a sense writing for publication.

Raymond Chandler

Remember when all this high-falutin' computer technology was supposed to result in the proverbial “paperless office” of tomorrow? Clearly, tomorrow never came. If anything, we're awash in more paper than ever since computers took over. It's just like all the other pipe dreams from those “here's-what-the-future-will-bring” flicks from the '50s. By the time the '90s roll around, they assured us, we'll all have endless leisure hours to spend rocketing around in flying cars. As someone once said, we always overestimate change in the long term and underestimate it in the short term.

I suspect one of the reasons for this plenitude of paper is that we all have a real need for hard copy. For one thing, it just feels good to create something tangible, something we can literally get our hands on. For another, I don't think we trust our computers fully. Electronic files, with their unfortunate tendency to get wiped out by the merest power surge or an accidental press of a Delete key, seem so fragile. Printouts, on the other hand, seem heartier and, well, safer.

So I say if we're going to be printing fools, we might as well be wise printing fools. Happily, as this chapter will show you, such wisdom is fairly easy to come by thanks to Windows 98's easy and consistent approach to printing. You begin with some printing basics, and then you graduate to some intermediate and advanced techniques that will help you unleash Windows 98 printing.



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