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Part IV: Unleashing Day-to-Day Windows 9... > The Ins and Outs of Installing and U...

Chapter 18. The Ins and Outs of Installing and Uninstalling Programs


We do not quite say that the new is more valuable because it fits in; but its fitting in is a test of its value.

T.S. Eliot

For your consideration, I submit the following examples of hardware longevity: The computer I use to test software and run beta copies of programs is a trusty old 486 that has served me faithfully for over five years; I recently purchased a new laser printer, but the old LaserJet I had was four-and-a-half years young; my first notebook computer is still going strong after five years (albeit in the company of my goddaughter, to whom I donated it last year); and my fax machine will celebrate its seventh birthday later this year.

Why the litany of Methuselan machines? Because I want to compare these old hardware codgers with the software I use. To wit, of all the programs and utilities I crank up regularly, the oldest—an accounting package I use to track my finances—has been out of its shrink wrap for a little less than a year!

Hardware, then, is a typical high-end commodity—we buy it and then tend to hang on to it until it wears out. Software, on the other hand, is a new kind of consumer product, one that reinvents itself constantly. Thanks to cheap, frequent upgrades and an unending stream of new, innovative products, it's tough to resist the siren song of the latest and greatest.

The upshot is that we spend a not-insignificant chunk of our computing lives installing software. The designers of Windows 98, bless their fully vested hearts, understood this all too well, so they included some features in Windows 98 that make it easier to install applications. Even better, there's also support for uninstalling programs, just in case the two of you don't get along very well. This chapter shows you how to use Windows 98's built-in install/uninstall features, and it also shows you how to add and remove older Windows applications and DOS programs.



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