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Chapter 35. Outlook Express and Usenet N... > Notes on Working with Newsgroup Mess...

Notes on Working with Newsgroup Messages

You can treat newsgroup messages in much the same way that you treat email messages. That is, you can view the message text in the preview pane, open the message in its own window, save the message, copy it to another folder, and so on. I discuss all these message techniques and quite a few others in Chapter 34, “Outlook Express and Internet Email.” Here are a few notes on tasks that are specific to newsgroup messages:

Dealing with threads: If you see a plus sign (+) beside a message header, it means that replies have been posted. To see the other messages in the thread, click the plus sign, or highlight the message and press plus sign (+) on your numeric keypad.

Unscrambling ROT13 messages: Some messages are encoded using a scheme called ROT13. This scheme encodes the message by shifting the letters of the alphabet 13 positions to the right and wrapping around to the front of the alphabet when the end is reached. (ROT is short for rotate.) If you come across a message that has been encoded using ROT13, you can use Outlook Express's built-in decoder. To use it, select Edit | Unscramble (ROT13).

Canceling one of your messages: If you post a message and then have second thoughts, you can remove it from the newsgroup by highlighting it and selecting Compose | Cancel Message. (This command is available only for messages you've sent.)

Combining and decoding multiple attachments: Some multimedia groups post large binary files that are split into multiple posts. To extract the original binary file from these posts, first highlight all the posts. Then select Tools | Combine and Decode to display the Order for decoding dialog box (see Figure 35.5). Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to order the posts (the Subject lines usually tell you the proper order) and then click OK.

Figure 35.5. Use this dialog box to set the proper order for the posts that contain the various pieces of the file.



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