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Chapter 4. Windows XP Applications and T... > Alphabetical Reference to Windows Co...

4.2. Alphabetical Reference to Windows Components

The following reference lists all the useful, discrete components that come with Windows XP, sorted alphabetically by their common names (e.g., Minesweeper would be found under “M,” not “W” for winmine.exe).

Note that some components are not installed by default. The set of components included with a basic Windows XP installation depends on the method by which Windows XP was installed, whether it was installed fresh, or over an older version of Windows. Any of the following components that appear to be missing can be added easily by using Add or Remove Programs (discussed later in this chapter) and clicking the Add/Remove Windows Components button.

Table 4-1 provides an easy cross reference between the common name and the executable filename of an application or other component. Unlike previous editions of this book, control panel options are included in this chapter. For these items, the corresponding command line varies (and is documented more completely in the Control Panel section in this chapter), but usually consists of the .cpl filename, as specified in Table 4-1.

Table 4-1. Executable filenames of the applications and tools in Windows XP
Common application name Executable filename / command line Professional edition only
Accessibility Options access.cpl  
Accessibility Wizard accwiz.exe  
Activate Windows msoobe.exe  
Active Connections Utility netstat.exe  
Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl  
Add or Remove Programs appwiz.cpl  
Address Book wab.exe  
Administrative Tools n/a xxxCheckgifxxx
At at.exe  
Attrib attrib.exe  
Backup ntbackup.exe  
Bluetooth Devices bthprops.cpl  
Boot Configuration Manager bootcfg.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Cabinet (CAB) maker makecab.exe, diantz.exe  
Calculator calc.exe  
Character Map charmap.exe  
Chkdsk chkdsk.exe  
Chkntfs chkntfs.exe  
Clipbook Viewer clipbrd.exe  
Command Prompt cmd.exe  
Component Services (console) dcomcnfg.exe  
Computer Management compmgmt.msc  
Connection Manager Profile Installer cmstp.exe  
Control Panel control.exe  
Create Shared Folder shrpubw.exe  
Date and Time timedate.cpl  
DDE Share ddeshare.exe  
Device Manager devmgmt.msc  
DirectX Diagnostic Tool dxdiag.exe  
Disk Cleanup cleanmgr.exe  
Disk Defragmenter defrag.exe  
DiskPart diskpart.exe  
Display Properties desk.cpl  
Dr. Watson drwatson.exe, drwtsn32.exe  
Driver Verifier Manager verifier.exe  
DriverQuery driverquery.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Event Viewer (console) eventvwr.exe  
FAT to NTFS Conversion Utility convert.exe  
Fax Console fxsclnt.exe  
Fax Cover Page Editor fxscover.exe  
File Compare (comp) comp.exe  
File Compare (fc) fc.exe  
File Expansion Utility expand.exe  
Files and Settings Transfer Wizard migwiz.exe  
Finger finger.exe  
Folder Options control.exe folders  
Font Viewer fontview.exe  
Fonts control.exe fonts  
ForceDOS forcedos.exe  
Format format.com  
FreeCell freecell.exe  
FTP ftp.exe, tftp.exe  
Game Controllers joy.cpl  
Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc xxxCheckgifxxx
Group Policy Refresh Utility gpupdate.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Hearts mshearts.exe  
Help and Support Center helpctr.exe  
HyperTerminal hypertrm.exe  
IExpress iexpress.exe  
Internet Backgammon bckgzm.exe  
Internet Checkers chkrzm.exe  
Internet Explorer iexplore.exe  
Internet Hearts hrtzzm.exe  
Internet Options inetcpl.cpl  
Internet Reversi rvsezm.exe  
Internet Spades shvlzm.exe  
Java Command Line Loader jview.exe, wjview.exe  
Keyboard main.cpl keyboard  
Label label.exe  
Local Security Policy secpol.msc  
Logoff logoff.exe  
Microsoft Chat winchat.exe  
Microsoft Magnifier magnify.exe  
Microsoft Management Console mmc.exe  
Microsoft Netmeeting conf.exe  
Minesweeper winmine.exe  
Mouse Properties main.cpl  
Msg msg.exe  
MSN Explorer msn6.exe  
MSN Gaming Zone n/a  
Narrator narrator.exe  
Net net.exe  
Network Connections ncpa.cpl  
Network Setup Wizard n/a  
New Connection Wizard icwconn1.exe  
Notepad notepad.exe  
NSLookup nslookup.exe  
NTFS Compression Utility compact.exe  
NTFS Encryption Utility cipher.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Object Packager packager.exe  
ODBC Data Source Administrator odbcad32.exe  
On-Screen Keyboard osk.exe  
OpenFiles openfiles.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Outlook Express msimn.exe  
Paint mspaint.exe  
Pentium Bug Checker pentnt.exe  
Performance Log Manager logman.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Performance Logs and Alerts perfmon.msc  
Phone and Modem Options telephon.cpl  
Phone Dialer dialer.exe  
Pinball pinball.exe  
PING ping.exe  
Power Options powercfg.cpl  
Printers and Faxes control.exe printers  
Private Character Editor eudcedit.exe  
Program Manager progman.exe, grpconv.exe  
Query Process qprocess.exe  
Regional and Language Options intl.cpl  
Registry Console Utility reg.exe  
Registry Editor regedit.exe  
Remote Assistance rcimlby.exe  
Remote Copy rcp.exe  
Remote Desktop Connection mstsc.exe  
Route route.exe  
Rundll32 rundll32.exe  
Run As runas.exe  
Scanners and Cameras wiaacmgr.exe  
Scheduled Tasks n/a  
Scheduled Tasks Console schtasks.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Security Center wscui.cpl  
Security Template Utility secedit.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Send a Fax fxssend.exe  
Services services.msc  
Shutdown shutdown.exe  
Signature Verification Tool sigverif.exe  
Solitaire sol.exe  
Sound Recorder sndrec32.exe  
Sounds and Audio Devices mmsys.cpl  
Speech control.exe speech  
Spider Solitaire spider.exe  
SQL Server Client Network Utility cliconfg.exe  
Subst subst.exe  
Synchronization Manager mobsync.exe  
System Properties sysdm.cpl  
System Configuration Editor sysedit.exe  
System Configuration Utility msconfig.exe  
System Information winmsd.exe, msinfo32.exe  
System Restore rstrui.exe  
Task Manager taskmgr.exe  
Taskbar and Start Menu n/a
Taskkill taskkill.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Tasklist tasklist.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Telnet telnet.exe  
Telnet Administrator tlntadmn.exe xxxCheckgifxxx
Tracert tracert.exe  
User Accounts nusrmgr.cpl  
Utility Manager utilman.exe /start  
Volume Control sndvol32.exe  
Windows Explorer explorer.exe  
Windows File Checker sfc.exe  
Windows Firewall firewall.cpl  
Windows Help System winhlp32.exe, hh.exe, winhelp.exe  
Windows IP Configuration ipconfig.exe  
Windows Media Player mplay32.exe, wmplayer.exe  
Windows Messenger msmsgs.exe  
Windows Movie Maker moviemk.exe  
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer n/a  
Windows Script Host cscript.exe, wscript.exe  
Windows Update wupdmgr.exe  
WordPad wordpad.exe

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