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Bluetooth Devices

Adds support for wireless devices connecting via the Bluetooth standard, and provides a screen for managing them once they’re hooked up. Available only if Service Pack 2 and a Bluetooth receiver are installed on your system.

To Open

Control Panel Bluetooth Devices

Double-click the Bluetooth icon in the Windows System Tray


This new wizard, added in Service Pack 2, makes it easy to connect and configure your Bluetooth devices, from mice and keyboards to mobile phones. For security reasons, XP by default runs in “invisible” mode, preventing unauthorized Bluetooth devices from seeing or connecting to your PC until you manually check the “Turn discovery on” box on the Options tab of the wizard. Even then, the Bluetooth device won’t be able to “shake hands” with your machine unless both have the same passkey. Consult your device’s documentation to find out what needs to go in the passkey field—some devices (typically mice and keyboards) come with a preconfigured passkey, and this will be marked prominently on your unit or in the documentation.

Choose the device you want to configure from the list and enter its passkey if necessary. If you don’t know the passkey, try “0000” (four zeros), an old standby used by many Bluetooth devices. Once done, Windows will take care of the rest, and will automatically connect to the device whenever it detects it in the future.

Some details on the tabs found in the wizard:


A list of all your current connections. Click the Add button to open the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, which takes you through all the steps, from making the device discoverable to entering the passkey. If a passkey is listed in the documentation, enter it here—if not, you can either choose your own, have Windows create one for you, or go without (not recommended). Once added, a connection can later be removed by clicking the Remove button, or configured via the Properties button.


Prepare your computer for a new device (see Figure 4-13). Checking the “Turn discovery on” box makes your PC visible to Bluetooth devices in the area. The checkboxes in the Connections section let you accept or deny incoming Bluetooth connections, or be alerted when a device tries to make a connection. The bottom checkbox lets you tuck the Bluetooth Device Wizard icon in the System Tray.

Figure 4-13. The Bluetooth Devices Wizard makes it easy to discover new devices, without giving everyone in the area access

COM Ports

Used for communicating with Bluetooth devices such as PDAs. The Add button lets you set this up by hand, either for incoming (the device makes the connection) or outgoing (the computer makes the connection) traffic.


A simple list of the Bluetooth equipment installed on your machine.


The Bluetooth Wizard is only available after installing Service Pack 2, and will only appear if you’ve connected a Bluetooth receiver to your PC. The original Windows XP, and XP with SP1, feature rudimentary support for Bluetooth equipment, notably, only for Microsoft’s own products. With SP2, installing and configuring your wireless mice, keyboards, mobile phones, PDAs, and other Bluetooth equipment should be as easy as bringing them into range.

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