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Network Setup Wizard

Automatically configure your Internet connection and local network settings based on one of several predefined scenarios.

To Open

My Network Places Network Setup Wizard

Start Programs Accessories Communications Network Setup Wizard

Control Panel [Network and Internet Connections] Network Connections Network Setup Wizard[13]

[13] If you have the “Show common tasks in folders” option turned on (see “Folder Options”), click the “Set up a home or small office network” link to start the Network Setup Wizard.

Command Prompt rundll32 hnetwiz.dll,HomeNetWizardRunDll


The Network Setup Wizard walks you through some basic networking settings and is intended to make it easy to set up Windows to work with your Internet connection or to gain access to other computers on your network (see Figure 4-64).

Figure 4-64. The Network Setup Wizard asks you a few networking questions and configures your network settings accordingly

The first page of the Network Setup Wizard implies that the wizard will set up a network for you, help you set up Internet connection sharing, install a firewall, and share files and printers. In fact, it will do none of these things; rather, it will simply ensure that some of the necessary protocols are installed and properly configured for the type of network to which you plan on attaching your computer. Before you use the Network Setup Wizard, you’ll need to make sure all of your networking hardware is properly installed, as described in Chapter 7.

The “Select a connection method” page asks you to define a role for the computer, in so much as how the computer is to be connected to the Internet. Note that if you choose the second option, which specifies that the computer is to connect to the Internet through another computer or a gateway, you still have to set up that other computer or gateway to provide the Internet connection. If neither of the first two options presented applies to your system, choose Other to display three other scenarios.

One of the nice things about the Network Setup Wizard is that it controls settings that relate both to your Internet connection and to your connection to your local network (if applicable). While it can’t recognize and set up every possible configuration, it is programmed to recognize when your selections are not compatible with the hardware it detects.

Continue to answer questions until the summary page is displayed, and if you have no objections, click Finish to apply the settings. Naturally, you can always run the wizard again or modify the settings manually to get it to work.


  • If the Network Setup Wizard prompts you to create a setup disk for use on other computers, answer “Just finish the wizard,” as the disk is of little use.

  • The Network Setup Wizard won’t help you set up an Internet connection, but the New Connection Wizard (discussed later in this chapter) will.

  • The Network Setup Wizard replaces the Home Networking Wizard found in Windows Me.

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