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3.4. The Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is your desktop trash basket. This is where files and folders go when they've outlived their usefulness, like a waiting room for data oblivion. Your files stay here until you empty the Recycle Bin—or until you rescue them by dragging them out again.

Secrets of the Send To Command

If you find yourself copying or moving certain icons to certain folders or disks with regularity, it's time to exploit the File→Send To command that lurks in every folder window (and in the shortcut menu for almost every icon).

This command offers a quick way to copy and move highlighted icons to popular destinations. For example, you can teleport a copy of a highlighted file directly to a floppy disk by choosing File→Send To→3 1/2 Floppy, or to a blank CD by choosing Send To→CD Burner. You're spared the tedium of choosing Copy, selecting the floppy drive, and choosing Paste.

Another useful command is Send To→"Desktop (create shortcut)," which dumps a shortcut icon onto your desktop background. Then there's the Send To→Mail Recipient, which bundles the highlighted icon as an email attachment that's ready to send. You can also zip up a folder (see the end of this chapter) by choosing Send To→"Compressed (zipped) Folder."

But the real power of the Send To command is its ability to accommodate your own favorite or frequently used folders. Lurking in your My Computer→Local Disk (C:)→Documents and Settings→[Your Name] folder is a folder called SendTo. Any shortcut icon you place here shows up instantly in the Send To menus within your desktop folders and shortcut menus.

Alas, this folder is among those that Microsoft considers inappropriate for inspection by novices. As a result, the SendTo folder is hidden in Windows XP.

To make it appear, open any folder window. Choose Tools→ Folder Options, click the View tab, turn on "Show hidden files and folders", and click OK. Now, when you open your own account folder, you'll see the SendTo folder.

Most people create shortcuts here for folders and disks (such as your favorite backup disk). When you highlight an icon and then choose Send To→Backup Zip, for example, Windows XP copies the icon to that disk. (And if you simultaneously press Shift, you move the icon to the other disk or folder.)

You can even add shortcuts of applications (program files) to the SendTo folder. By adding WinZip to this Send To menu, for example, you can drop-kick a highlighted icon onto the WinZip icon (for decompressing) just by choosing Send To→WinZip. You can even create shortcuts for your printer or fax modem, so that you can print or fax a document just by highlighting its icon and choosing File→Send To→[printer or fax modem's name].



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