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Chapter 1. Mac Os X Annoyances > MORE UNIX MAINTENANCE - Pg. 30

That's it. Disk Utility does its thing for several minutes and then tells you when it's done, and you won't need to restart. Make it a habit of repairing permissions after you install any software or a software update, even when Software Update does the installing. I suggest that you repair per- missions regularly, say, once a month, to keep your Mac running smoothly. ample, one of these scripts deletes files in the /tmp direc- tory every night. Other maintenance tasks are set to run weekly and monthly. If these Unix maintenance scripts aren't running because your Mac is powered off or in sleep mode at night, your Mac's performance could be rather sluggish. REPAIR DISK VERSUS REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS Get Info Want to know more about Unix file permis- sions on your Mac? Apple has a Knowledge Base article explaining it, which you can get to by opening Sherlock, clicking the Apple- Care icon, typing 106712 , and hitting Return. You can also get to the article using this URL in a web browser: html?artnum=106712 The Repair Disk button of Disk Utility is designed to fix more serious problems with the data structure of your hard disk volume. There are often no symptoms, but if the prob- lems accumulate, you can loose data. Because of this, you should back up your Mac before using Repair Disk. Running Repair Disk isn't as easy as running Repair Disk Permissions; for one thing, you can't use Disk Repair on the current startup drive. You must restart from another bootable