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Chapter 6. iPod Annoyances - Pg. 137

6 iPod ANNOYANCES The iPod has changed the way people listen to music. For many, the iPod is the main reason to use iTunes. With an iPod, you can carry around your own personal radio sta- tion, playing the music you prefer, without the interrup- tion of commercials and annoying jocks. The appeal of the iPod has caught on--it's as big as the Sony Walkman was a generation ago. Whenever you fi nd yourself on a subway in any American city, you're likely to see one or more riders plugged into an iPod. When a top-end iPod costs as much as a low-end Windows PC, you expect it to be trouble free, and for the most part, it is. Still, there are hassles--dealing with music formats, working with nonmusical data, and troubleshooting a rare problem. It's also no fun when the battery dies when you least expect it, or worse, won't recharge. This chapter exposes some iPod annoyances that you may have run into or may experience in the future, and gives you the solutions to make your ears happy again. After all, there's no going back to transistor radios and cassette play- ers once you have experienced the iPod.