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Introduction > ABOUT THE AUTHOR


John Rizzo bought his first Mac in 1984-complete with 128 KB RAM, a floppy drive (no hard drive), and a dot matrix printer, all for the bargain price of $2500.00. Talk about annoying. When you ran an application, you had to continually swap floppy disks: one for the system software and one for the application.

In 1987, John became technical editor and news writer of Macintosh Today, a short-lived weekly news magazine covering Macs. As a startup magazine, Macintosh Today was short on staff. It was considered part of the technical editor's duty to serve as the magazine's network administrator, using LocalTalk to hook up the Mac SEs to the powerful Mac II that acted as a server.

Starting in 1988, John served for seven years as an editor and columnist at Mac User Magazine, another now-defunct (but long-lived) Mac magazine. His most vivid memory is how he bravely rode out the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake crouched in a fetal position while Apple monitors crashed to the floor in the next room.

Continuing his pattern of seeking out magazines doomed to die, John was for several years the Mac columnist for Computer Currents and was a columnist for MacWeek and eMedia (all defunct). He also wrote a column for CNET for several years and wrote CNET's reviews of Mac OS X Public Beta, Mac OS X 10.0, 10.1, Jaguar, Panther, and numerous other software and hardware products. John's articles have also appeared in Macworld, Mac Home, Mac Addict, MacFixIt, PC Magazine, eWeek.com, and the San Francisco Chronicle. John has been a guest on CNET radio, KPFA-FM, KQED-FM, and other broadcast outlets. He was also once the Ziff Davis system operator of Apple's eWorld online services, which is now…. Well, you get the idea. John has also authored several books about Macs, several of which are not defunct (that is, still in print).

In 1997, John founded MacWindows.com, a web site solely devoted to helping users and network administrators use Macs in a Windows world. MacWindows is alive and well, and is the Internet's largest repository of cross-platform news and tips.

John started his career as an engineer at Boeing. Once Apple shipped the Mac, he ditched airplanes for a GUI and a mouse.


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