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1.8. Final Thoughts

After working through this chapter, you've seen quite a few ways to personalize your computer. As you move forward through this book, here are a few thoughts to take away with you from these pages.

Your computer is yours.

It's yours to love, to cherish, and to customize. If you feel that your life is not complete unless you've accessorized your desktop in eyebending pastels with animated cherubs, then that's your right. Go for it. Be proud of it. Make it yours.

There's a lot to be said for simplicity.

A light touch and a bit of restraint can keep your Macintosh well organized and well controlled. Don't feel pressured to change a system that already works well for you. Change is supposed to be a positive thing—if it ain't broke, consider not fixing it.

Know your limits.

Before you start modding your computer, make sure you're able to walk back from the brink and restore your system. If you're not comfortable undoing your changes, don't make them in the first place. Mod your computer with confidence, not fear.

If you have the artistic talent of a dyspeptic newt, don't feel excluded from Mac customization.

Take advantage of the many excellent web sites that showcase actual artistic talent. And if you like and use that art, make sure to register your shareware items. Paying for the art you use helps make sure there's always new and interesting art around to find. Support shareware, and ante up if you're using the software regularly.



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