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7.12. Final Thoughts

This chapter has taken you through a very long (and hopefully not-too-torturous) examination of some of the changes you can make, as an end user, to a Mac OS X application. Here are a few thoughts to take you on your way:

Think of this chapter as a springboard.

The methods covered in this chapter provided just a taste of Interface Builder's possibilities. After working through the example in this chapter, you should be able to transfer the skills you've learned here to nearly any other Mac OS X application with NIB files.

Steal from the English (project folders, that is).

If you use a non-English localization, don't overlook the trick used at the start of this chapter. Often, non-English lproj folders contain NIB skeletons rather than full NIB files. When in doubt, steal from the English localization.

Closely examine NIB files.

As you spend more time investigating prebuilt object instances, you're likely to stumble across powerful hack-worthy goodies. There's a lot of tedium involved in examining NIB file components, but it can pay off spectacularly.

Don't be timid about customizing the iApps—they're ripe for modding.

At the same time, be aware that when a program updates, it may overwrite your changes. When you mod an app that's part of the Software Update program, always back up your changes, and be sure to back up the original program, too.

Don't be afraid to play for the sheer joy of playing.

The more you work with Interface Builder, the more skills you bring to the table when faced with other applications.



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