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7.1. Making Alterations

Just because an application looks a certain way now doesn't mean that you can't change its appearance. Macintosh users have always been able to change the appearance of an application to some extent. From the dawn of time (or at least the mid-1980s) users have turned to ResEdit (http://www.resexcellence.com/support_files/resedit.shtml) to alter windows and dialogs.

Note for Non-English Readers

If you're working with a non-English localization, you'll need to perform the following steps before working through this chapter. By default, the non-English lproj folders use ultra-compact NIB files that do not allow edits. The following steps show you how to copy two editable NIB files from the English localization:

  1. In the Applications folder, select Terminal. Control-click (right-click) the application icon and select Show Package Contents from the contextual pop-up. A new Finder window opens, showing the application's Contents folder.

  2. Choose View → as Columns (-3). The Column view makes it easier to view the subfolders within the application bundle.

  3. Navigate to Contents/Resources/English.lproj. Copy Term.nib and InspectorX.nib to the Desktop. (For easiest copying, use the Option-drag method.)

  4. On the Desktop, rename InspectorX.nib to InspectorXEnglish.nib.

  5. Return to the file browser. Change folders to the localization for your language (e.g., Contents/ Resources/French.lproj for French).

  6. Find the Term.nib file inside your localization folder and rename it to Term.nib.orig.

  7. Drag InspectorXEnglish.nib and Term.nib into your localization folder.

  8. Proceed normally with the rest of the chapter with one exception: when you need to open the InspectorX.nib file, you'll use the InspectorXEnglish.nib file instead. (Don't worry, I'll remind you.) This lets you copy the objects that you'll need from the NIB file while preserving the Terminal inspector in your own language.



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