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3.7. Final Thoughts

This chapter introduced application diving—how to delve into application bundles, search around, and even change the resources found there. You saw how to find, customize, and use many different file types. You learned about internationalizing programs and creating Unicode strings. Before you move on to icons and extensions, here are a few key points to ponder.

Most items appear in the same places (or nearly the same places) in application after application.

The more familiar you are with the standard folder and subfolder hierarchy, the easier it becomes to weed out repetitive items and focus your interest on unique and intriguing assets.

Think international.

Understanding internationalization is as important a part of application diving as searching for cool pictures. Not everything wacky or wonderful appears just in English.lproj directories.

Take charge of your localization.

If you live in Canada, England, or Spain and have bought software intended for France, the United States, or South America, create a localization that fits the way you work. Don't settle for "recognize" when you prefer "recognise" Colour your world and customize your apps.

Restraint is overrated, particularly when you're just starting to explore.

If you're using the methods in this chapter to learn more about OS X applications, then don't hold yourself back by the bounds of good taste. Work on a copy and knock yourself out—creatively, that is. You can always return to the original.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of strong Unix command-line skills.

The command line opens up an entire world of power and possibility. If you're a bit out of practice or are new to the command-line world, you might want to pick up a copy of Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther (O'Reilly). Even a small amount of knowledge goes a very long way in the Unix world.

Make your applications more you.

If a smile in the About box cheers up your day, why not go ahead and add one? Your software belongs to you.



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