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Chapter 3. Application Dumpster Diving > Finding and Changing Images

3.5. Finding and Changing Images

As you're about to find out, it's just as easy to customize application images as it is to alter their sounds. Follow these directions to add a personal touch to iPhoto's About box.

  1. Make sure that iPhoto isn't running before you start experimenting with its contents. If it is, select iPhoto → Quit iPhoto from the menu bar, or use the standard -Q keyboard shortcut to quit iPhoto.

  2. Open a Finder window and go to the Applications folder (Shift--A) Select iPhoto, Control-click (right-click) on the application icon, and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.

  3. Navigate to the Contents/Resources directory. To speed up the process, hit the C key, then -3 to switch the Finder window to Column View mode.

  4. Look inside the Resources folder for a file named AboutImage.tif.

  5. Create a duplicate copy of AboutImage.tif by selecting the file in the Finder and then selecting File → Duplicate (-D) from the menu bar. This creates a copy of the file in the same directory and names it AboutImage copy.tif.*

  6. Now open the original image (AboutImage.tif) in your favorite image editor, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements or Lemke Software's GraphicConverter (http://www.lemkesoft.com).

    Since most applications will not open files from within an application bundle, either drag the original TIFF image file to an application icon in the Dock, or make an alias (File → Make Alias, -L) and then drag the alias to the Desktop.

  7. Edit the image and let your imagination run wild. Make sure to leave room for the text that will be added to the large white space at the bottom right of the image (see Figure 3-8).

    Figure 3-8. Editing iPhoto 4's About box.

  8. Save your edits and make sure you output the file using the TIFF format.

  9. Open the image in Preview to make sure that it's been saved correctly and displays as you expect. If needed, return to your image editor and make any changes. If it does not look right in Preview, it won't look right in iPhoto's About box.

  10. Launch iPhoto by either clicking on its icon in the Dock or double-clicking its icon in the Finder.

  11. Choose iPhoto → About iPhoto. Assuming you've edited the correct file in the correct language folder, you'll be treated to the new About box. Figure 3-9 offers just one example of what you might do with that file.



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